Competitive PCB Manufacturer

Items Capability
Layer count 1-40 layer
Laminates type FR-4(High Tg, Halogen Free, High Frequency)
FR-5, CEM-3, PTFE, BT, Getek, Aluminium base,Copper base,KB, Nanya, Shengyi, ITEQ, ILM, Isola, Nelco, Rogers, Arlon
Board thickness 0.2mm-6mm
Max Base copper weight 210um (6oz) for inner layer 210um (6oz) for outer layer
Min mechanical drill size 0.2mm (0.008")
Aspect ratio


Max panel size Sigle side or double sides:500mm*1200mm,
Multilayer layers:508mm X 610mm (20" X 24")
Min line width/space 0.076mm / 0.0.076mm (0.003" / 0.003")
Via hole type Blind / Burried / Plugged(VOP,VIP…)
HDI / Microvia YES
Surface finish HASL
Lead Free HASL
Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver
Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) / ENTEK
Flash Gold(Hard Gold plating)
Selective Gold Plating, Gold thickness up to 3um(120u")
Gold Finger, Carbon Print, Peelable S/M
Solder mask color Green, Blue, White, Black, Clear, etc.
Impedance Single trace,differential , coplanar impedance controlled ±10%
Outline finish type CNC Routing; V-Scoring / Cut; Punch
Tolerances Min Hole tolerance (NPTH) ±0.05mm
Min Hole tolerance (PTH) ±0.075mm
Min Pattern tolerance ±0.05mm
Max PCB size 20inch*18inch
Min PCB size 2inch*2inch
Board thickness 8mil-200mil
Components size 0201-150mm
Component max height 20mm
Min lead pitch 0.3mm
Min BGA ball placement 0.4mm
Placement precision +/-0.05mm
Services Range Material Procurement and   Management
PCBA placement
PTH components soldering
BGA re-ball and X-ray inspection
ICT, Functional testing and AOI  inspection
Fabrication of Stencil