Competitive PCB Manufacturer

Dongguan Kangna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China which is specialized in PCB production, PCB assembly , PCB design, PCB prototype, etc electronic manufacturing service.

The company was established in early 2006 in Shajiao commuity,Humen Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province. The factory covers a production area

of 10000 square meter with monthly capacity of 50000 Sq.meters and has a registered capital of 8 million RMB.

Company Profile

The company has 800 employees, including 10% of research and development; 12% of quality control; and 5% of professional technology team with more than 10 years of  experience in PCB industry.

The company’s main products are 1-40 layer PCB, including MCPCB(copper and aluminium based board), FPC, rigid_flex board, rigid PCB, ceramic based board, HDI board, high Tg board, heavy copper board, high frequency board and PCB assembly. Our products are widely used in industrial, medical, telecommunication and automotive industry, computer, etc.

We can provide you with the quick turn prototype , small batch and large batch of products. We can handle all your most difficult requirements easily. Our high quality products and services will help you improve the quality of your products, bring you price advantage, and ultimately make you more competitive in your market.

We carry out a strict quality control system to ensure the reliability and stability of the quality of the product. Our PCB products are inspected all through the PCB production process to ensure the highest quality printed circuit boards are delivered to you. 

We have passed the certification of UL, and IATF16949. We believe that quality is life, and the pursuit of zero defects is our quality goal. The company implements the business philosophy of”being honest, hardworking, quality first, service first”,Adhering to the excellent company culture of people-oriented, to achieve a win-win situation for partners and society.

We would like to hear from you if you have any questions or special requirements.

history img


Established SMT Business Unit to provide one-stop service for customers.


Established a research and development center.

Preparing for the SMT Business department.


The factory moved to a new location and added new production and testing equipment.

Passed IATF16949


Expand production capacity to 30000 Sq.m per month.


start to introduce MCPCB production line ,produce copper substrate and aluminium substrate PCB.


KangNa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established.



Management Policy

High quality

High quality

Carefully craft each product to make it a boutique

Fast speed

Take every order seriously and ensure on-time delivery

Fast speed


Be brave enough to face every demand, innovate special requirements


Loyal to every customer and provide satisfactory service